Do I Need A Personal Website to Sell Art? (2 of 30)

Yesterday, It took about 40 minutes to set up those sites.  That was just login in and securing the same name for all those spaces.  Today is actually a little more time consuming, but necessary.

1. Continue to work on your art.  As you produce get some digital photos or even videos of what you are doing?  They will make great post to the blog or as works in progress on one of the forums.

2.  Write your artist statement and get it posted to all you profiles.  This should be what you are producing, what you will be producing and what you want the viewer to appreciate about your artwork.  It takes time to produce a great artist statement.  And  you should revisit the statement as you are exposed to other artist statement.  Alyson Stanfield offers a great course to help you develop your artist statement.  For now you need to develop an initial and consistent statement to add to all you profiles and also to make as you first blog post.  Some points from Alyson’s Book your statement is about you, your work, where you are heading.  She also points out that this is not a biography.  There are some other great gems in her  book I’d Rather Be in the Studio!

3. Gather your body of work get some great high quality pictures of your pictures. Post them to your flickr account.  See my post on Is Flickr A Social Media Site? Start cataloging you work on Flickr  at least one good description done on the work you plan on posting to your blog first.  Work on the other pieces as much as you can.

You are an artist, this is your work.

Leave comments if you agree, disagree, have a question, or something to add.

Take Good Care of Yourself,


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