Do I Need A Personal Website to Sell Art? (3 of 30)

Yesterday, took some time for me it was about one hour and 4o minutes to get the statement written where I was semi happy with it.  I am working through a 20 day course on improving my artist statement.  But I updated most of my profiles, and actually have two fans on Imagekind.  So we are rolling along.


  • Pick one image.
  • Improve its description on imagekind.
  • Make a blog post about it using at least 200 words.
  • Make a paypal add to cart button to offer the painting form sale in my blog.   Log in to you pay pal account it has easy to follow instructions to do this.  Place button in the html of your blog post.  Test it.
  • Let your readers know about your  ImageKind galleries and offer prints using the standard ImageKind Pricing package.  Test your ImageKind links
  • Set up twitterfeed so I do not have to tweet all my blog post.  Twitterfeed will automatically scan my blog and copy my post to twitter.  I go into detail about setting up twitterfeed in Social Marketing Trifecta.

The first time going through this will eat up the majority of the time I have put aside for this project, but once the system is in place, I should be able to set 7 of these post each weekend, and have blogger publish them on a daily schedule, after that I will just keep adding my new creations to the end of the que.

Let me know how it is going?


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