What Am I trying to do here

silioutte1I am working to save you time. The system I am developing is to give you more time with your craft.  For me personally, I put together this system so I would have more time to paint.

I knew if I could put together a solid system with simple easy to follow steps, that I would begin to create a following for my art work.  The trick became one of balance not spending all my time in on the internet adjusting and working on my presence and also not turning over the management of my online presence to a web designer that I could not afford.  In the future, when I could make a clean break with cubicle world, then I could afford the overhead of a designer and programmer.

But in the beginning, I wanted to have control and still be to spend a decent amount of time developing my craft.  Simple Art Marketng is the development of a systematic approach to getting your art work on line, keeping control of the situation, with minimal cost as effortlessly as possible. Thanks for checking in! Sign up for updates and look for forums to open in  future with a membership program.  So we can rock the net.


Jeremy P. McKay

Director and Chair

Email Me directly @ jeremy@simpleartmarketing.com

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