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Client Relationships

Tony Moffit has a great post on replying to email.
He outlines 5 ideas.  I really like #2. Offer more than they ask and #3 Always End with A Question.  We should always offer more, if the painting is sold or not for sale.  Keep the dialogue open ask them what they like about it.  Tell them and point them to other works you have done that might be similar.  If they are just complementing you on your work, say thank you and then some.

I have found that the people who ask me the most questions are usually the ones I remember.  In awkward situations the people who ask the right questions keep the conversation going.  In a possibly sales situation I am hesitant to talk it up with the salesman, but the salesman who ask a question that I feel comfortable answering, will usually get the sale.  Asking a question also shows you are interested in the person.
Go to Tony’s blog and get on his list, his advice is that good.
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