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21 powerful ways to motivate yourself when you’re in a Slump

We’ve all been there…

If you’re in a slump right now, you know what I mean.

You might have goals and dreams, but right now, they
seem like a distant fantasy–unimportant and detached
from reality.

So what do you do? If you’re like most people, you take
a break from all of your projects and aspirations. And
you spend some time feeling depressed and indifferent
to progress.

Push Thru, Step Back, How, Why

What do you do? The task is sitting in front of your you know what needs ot be done, but you are tired. You need your rest to prepare for the next day at cubicle world.
Do you push thru?
Do you Step Back?
Or What strategy do you use?
Looking for advice.

Studio 2nd Street’s Open Figurative Workshop Encinitas, CA

I know this is not for everyone, but if you are interested and the location works for you. I will be there for the next 4 Thurdsays. If you are inclined, say hi. We could even meet for coffee before the workshop if you like. It is a long pose meaning the same pose for two weeks (6 + hours).

Check out Studio 2nd Street’s Open Figurative Workshop Uninstructed Life Drawing/Painting Thursday Nights 7:30 – 10:30pm

Long Posed, Live Model, Dressed in Costume. $15 Each Thursday or $50 for 4 Thursdays
Thursday Nights 7:30 – 10:30pm

Studio 2nd Street is located just a
couple of blocks from the beach at
528 2nd Street, Encinitas, CA 92024
Get there early and treat your self to something from Anthony’s . I will be there tonight, if you can make it make sure you say Hi.

Jeremy McKay
Visionary Simple Art Marketing

Do What You Love

The-world-needs-you-to-do-what-you-love/ — a great article by Jonathan Mead

In the article,  he covers seven things you can do to move toward getting paid to do what you love, I have place a brief summary, bu I encourage each of you to check out the article at Zen Habits and also Check out Jonathan at

  1. Find your passion. What am I insanely interested in? What could I talk about for hours? and What would I do for free?
  2. Find your strengths. This is about contributing your gifts to the world.
  3. Find your value. Finding the intersection between what youre good at and what people are willing to pay for.
  4. Make the commitment. People fail to succeed is because they fail to commit. Remember, paths are made by walking.
  5. Be willing to let go. Breaking down those beliefs can be difficult, but moving toward a new direction is most definitely worth it.
  6. What will you give up? You wont have time until you make the time. Make a list of all the activities and time sinks that youll give up in order to make time for your new journey.
  7. Will you say Yes to yourself?

Do not short change yourself by thinking that this short abbreviated excerpt is all the is to this article. Make sure you check out the article and the author, The-world-needs-you-to-do-what-you-love/ — a great article by Jonathan Mead

To your success,


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