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Is Flickr A Social Media Site?

I found the following paragraph on

“Flickr is a social photography website affiliated with Yahoo, so you will need a Yahoo ID to sign up. This site is good for connecting with other artists and whet people’s appetite for your artwork, but I must mention it is not a place for selling. Actually none of the social networking sites are, a constant commercial is a turn off. On this site, you can use your website URL as your user name, so when ever an individual looks at your photos, they will have your website to go to if they are interested enough to want to learn more.”

Be careful not to use Flickr for commercial purposes, it is expressly forbidden in their terms of agreement.  But you can use it to store and sort all photos of you art. It can be a data base for storing all you art work.  If you are storing photos of your artwork on Flickr as a way to track you inventory make sure your description includes the following:

  1. Name of the Piece:
  2. Where is the Physical Piece: ie collection of the artist
  3. where else s this piece on line
  4. Date of creation:
  5. Support: Canvas board, paper
  6. Medium:
  7. Technique:
  8. size: height by width by depth
  9. Notes: Tell a short story about the piece

You can copy the above ans use it as a template for each photo of your artwork you upload to flickr past the above.  The above list is abbreviated from Alyson Stanfield’s Great Book I’d Rather Be in the Studio!

In addition to using Flickr as a data store and catalog of you art. You can also link to Flickr through you blog,  Imagekind and other web services.  When you have a free Flickr account, you can upload 2 videos and 100MB worth of photos each calendar month.  The value of a Flickr Pro Account (24.95) is you are limited by to a 20 MB file size for photos and a 500 mb file size for video. There no limit on the number of the files. You can combine Flickr with your Imagekind Account and have an easy way to get you Large High Quality images over to you Imagekind Gallery.

Back to the original question, is Flickr a social media site.  You can use Flickr for social networking, but you can not use it for commercial purposes.  It is probably the best investment you could make for an online inventory system.  Just remember you can not sell your art work directly on Flickr, but you can sell it through you Imagekind Account.

Imagekind will be reviewed in great detail in an future Blog Post  Print On Demand Part 2

Print On Demand Services Part 1

There are many Print-on-Demand (POD) Services  that can be used by you to create affordable prints of your work for prospective collectors, or to create memorable collectibles.  In my getting started course,  I recommend using one of these services to establish your first online gallery. You should pick these services depending on your goals and objectives.

If you only wan to sell high quality prints of you work, then Imagekind or RedBubble are the services you should use.  Imagekind allows and encourage you to upload large formats of you work.  Imagekind’s policy is that images smaller than 800×800 pixels will be available for display only. Large high quality photos of your art work best.  The prints your customers purchase will be a beautiful representation of your masterpieces.

Other POD services like Cafe Press and Zazzle, give you the opportunity to print your images on merchandise.  If your art lends it self to coffee cups and hats by all means use these services.  It is a great way to distribute your cards, and designs.  I am workingon a graphic novel and intend to offer plenty of merchandise to my collectors.

There were four POD services reviewed in The Unconventional Guide To Art and Money.  There are probably more POD services available.  Please be sure to leave comments about any  print on demand (POD) services you may have used and your opinion of each, so we can all benefit.

Fees Display
Suitable for…
Pros Cons
ImageKind Free,
Pro ($7.99/month), and Platinum ($11.99/month) accounts
Only text is
Selling prints of artwork or photos -High-traffic site
-You can get 15% commission on frames
-You determine your profit based on ImageKind base prices
-Free account limited to 24 images
-Less community-oriented than RedBubble
RedBubble Free Only text is customizable Selling prints of artwork or photos; T-shirts and art cards also available -High-traffic site
-You determine your profit based on RedBubble base prices
-Integrated blog attracts traffic
-Fewer framing options than ImageKind
CafePress Free for basic shop; premium shop $6.95/month or $59.95/year Premium shop offers different templates Printing images on merchandise, especially humorous, quirky, whimsical or political themes -High-traffis site
-You determine your profit based on CafePress base prices
-You can open unlimited basic shops
-Very limited options for prints
-Basic shops limited to one product type
Zazzle Free Galleries are customizable Printing images on merchandise, especially humorous, quirky, whimsical or political themes -Rapidly growing traffic
-You determine your profit based on Zazzle base prices
-Earn 15% commission on any sales traffic you send to Zazzle
-Options for prints are more limited than ImageKind and RedBubble

This is just a short listing and you could spend the rest of the day exploring each of these options or even find new ones. Please share your experiences with me and in Part 2 will begin to explore the details of each service.
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