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Do I Need A Personal Website to Sell Art? (7 of 30)

Be a fan to have a fan.

This new pen name I am using doesn’t know anyone, but already he has 14 friends on face book.  I do not know any one but my artist associates on Imagekind, they seem to create a very supportive fan base.  I am selecting some artist I will be come fans of later this week.  10 fans a week. 10 Sincere and honest comments about the work they have posted on line.

My twitter is not going as well.  I am really trying to make it without any additional twitter tools, but I may get a few trial auto follow accounts.  More on this later.  I am not indexed on google yet.  I need more meat in my post.  I am going forward but should have at least 200 to 350 words about each post to get noticed bu the great search mechanism of the internet.  It is the end of the first week of doing this and I am pretty tired.  So initially it is hard work.  I do not think there is a way around that.  Eventually it will become easier and most of the task will become routine.  But during the build up stage the first 30 days make sure your  support system is in place to help you stay the course until you hit your objective which should be one sale and 3 ot five prints.  I know it is possible.

Just sticking with it for 30 days or how ever many days it takes will make you stand out.  Will cause people to take notice of your art.

Keep posting , keep reviewing, stay objective,  and focus on the goal



Sell Art With Twitter – Part 1

Social networking is a new breed of communication. You will use social media to maintain and develop relationship with potential collectors on the internet. These media sites offer the ability to network in ways that the more traditional message boards never could manage.  If you want an easy way to start using the new social media sites,  start with Twitter.

As an artist social networks give you an extended reach when combined with your other online activities to sell art twitter will give you an extended reach.  It will help you to communicate with prospective collectors in an immediate and simple way.   So while you will not sell art directly on twitter,  it will help to give a face and story to your art.  You begin using twitter as soon as possible, even before you set up you online galleries.

Getting started with twitter is easy.  If you have never done social networking, this is easily the most basic of all the current popular sites. Registration takes no more than a few minutes.  Make sure you fill out your profile.  It will give you the appearance of being a permanent participant, and help you build credibility more quickly.  Post some links. They can be to works in progress you are posting on blogger, or links to your Imagekind site  as well as to pages on your site.

Do some searches. Use keywords to find other Twitter users that may be potential clients. Use the follow feature to create a connection. Follow most people who follow you. Be cautious if you decide to use auto follow.  It will build your list, but there are some spammers and pornographic services that follow everyone.

Art and Money list a few Artist for you to follow:

Use Twitterfeed to help people stay updated. Twitterfeed is basically the website’s answer to an RSS feed, and it’s a great way to automatically keep your followers updated without them checking your page too often. It also allows things to be updated on their own, so you don’t have to spend extra time telling everyone you have an updated; it’s all done for you.  More on twitterfeed will be covered in twitter tools.

Please leave comments, on twitter tools you use or have questions about.

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